Discover How to get in the best shape of your life & your marriage
Without crazy diets, cutting carbs, or becoming a bridezilla.
 ..... Even if the wedding is just months away & nothing else has worked
Your Wedding Fit Forever Strategy Session will empower you to...
 Release the pain you are facing to achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted. We will talk about the fears, doubts & limiting beliefs that are stopping you from staying committed to your healthy habits despite what others believe allowing you to find hope in yourself & feel at peace.
 Eradicate limiting beliefs such as "I'm too busy to workout", "It's impossible to fit back into my wedding dress again" or "I've tried everything and nothing has worked ," so that you feel empowered to take action toward your life & goals.
 Discover an enjoyable process of becoming wedding fit without losing the foods you love .
 Release the effects of past negative experiences and limiting beliefs in your health, & fitness in minutes rather than days, months, or years.  
What are the results of past Wedding Forever clients?


“After 60 days I had lost 13 inches and 8% body fat. The results I wanted to get, but struggled to do on my own have started and this is only the beginning. Thanks, Laila!”
- Kelsey M


"Laila was a click or phone call away. I was going through so many life changes and she was there for me. Apart from nutrition and exercise, your mental wellbeing is equally important- she helped me in that way also."  
- Jannette G


“I feel more confident in myself, and Laila’s motivation made it easier than it would have been on my own. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her, and I know I will continue to utilize all the tools and advice she has given me.” 
- Mercedez S
Who is Laila Alieh?
The Fitness Astronaut: Lifestyle and Wedding Fitness Coach
Founder of the Wedding Fit Forever Academy

Laila Alieh is a Civil Engineering Undergraduate from Purdue University with a Mechanical Engineering Masters from Portland State University. 

Since 3rd grade, she has always had a passion for travel, helping others and becoming an astronaut.

During her years in engineering school she was afforded the opportunity to work for NASA as a co-op engineer. “It was a dream come true ” she says. She thought her dream was set at NASA and continued to ride the wave until budget cuts started to diminish the chance of becoming an astronaut. 

She then gave corporate America a try, but the passion just wasn’t there, as she started to look forward to working out more than going to work. A few years later she got engaged to her long term Purdue boyfriend.

As Laila was planing out her big fat Greek (well actually Persian) destination wedding, a major engineering challenge hit her. She was not able to fit into her wedding dress. With just T minus 4 months to go till the big day, Laila coached herself to fit into her dress. Doing everything she could without jeopardizing her healthy just as if she was preparing for a shuttle launch. Not only did she coach herself, she even coached some of her bridesmaids to become wedding fit, and in just 4 months Laila was able to confidently walk down the aisle as she fit like a glove into her wedding dress. Even after her wedding Laila was still able to fit into her dress and continued to implement the healthy lifestyles she and her hubby now have together. 

She now is a full time lifestyle and wedding fitness coach. She calls herself, the fitness astronaut. Using her engineering and NASA experience to help brides explore fitness as astronauts explore space. 

She helps brides from all over the world to develop the mindset required to learn what they need to do enable to look the absolute best in their wedding dress through proper fitness and nutrition without jeopardizing their health.

Laila feels that it is her calling to help brides and women become wedding fit forever with their health, fitness & mindset.
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